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Melanie, myself, and her parents are in Holland Hospital as I type this (9:45am) awaiting the arrival of the baby girl we’ve been waiting 9 months to see. Melanie is resting well given she recently received her epidural and she had been up all night before this point. Melanie is doing so well and for the time being she feels no pain. It’s quite funny how God works. Each of us had our own plans to how we were originally going to spend this weekend. After our doctor appointment at 5:15pm yesterday we thought we were in the clear and weren’t expecting the baby for at least another week. Needless to say, our plans are out the window and God had better plans. Now we are just waiting for the process to run its course. It will be interesting to see when the arrival actually occurs ; ).

For those of you who would like a play-by-play thus far, here you go…

  • 5:15pm Thursday – Regular check-up at the doctor’s office. Melanie was only dialated to a “1” at this time and we weren’t expecting anything to change too fast.
  • 6:00pm Thursday – Back home eating dinner
  • 6:30-7:15pm Thursday – I head out into the garage to fix the headlight on our car that had burned out earlier in the week (little did I know we’d soon be driving to the hospital in the middle of the night where that headlight would come in quite handy).
  • 8:45pm Thursday – I gave up homework for the night to watch some Sweet 16 NCAA March Madness action.
  • 10:00pm Thursday – Melanie goes to bed. I stay up to watch basketball.
  • 11:40pm Thursday – Melanie comes rushing out of the bedroom to tell me she felt something run down her leg. We quickly call the hospital to inform them of the news.
  • 11:50pm Thursday – By the time the on-call doctor calls us back, Melanies water has officially broke! Quickly, we call Melanie’s parents, back the few remaining things we had left to pack, and hop in the car to drive to the hospital.
  • 12:30am Friday – Arrive at the hospital and get admitted.
  • By 2:00am Friday – Melanie’s all hooked up in the delivery room, her parents arrive, and contractions begin to occur more regular. Not too long after this, I crashed out so I could get at least some rest before the real game begins since I hadn’t slept yet and had had a long week of school work.
  • 5:00am Friday – I wake up as the nurse comes in to check on Melanie. She was now dialated to a “3”.
  • 6:30am Friday – I woke up from my last round of sleep and now ready to go for the long haul. Melanie’s contractions are quite strong by this point. I resume the role of main “lower back-rubber” from now until epidural is administered.
  • 7:45am Friday – Doctor finally comes in to check on Melanie in person (only took 8-hours). Now dialated to a “5-6” and contractions are still coming on pretty strong.
  • 8:45am Friday – Epidural given. Melanie now feels significant relief and is able to get some rest herself. What a strong wife I have!!

Well, that’s the most of a play-by-play I can give you right now (and probably the most of one you want to hear anyways). Don’t worry, I won’t be posting anymore play-by-plays from here on out. I just thought it would be fun to jot down what has occurred thus far. Soon Carrie Ann will be officially present in this world and our lives will never be the same.