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Today is my wife and I’s three year anniversary of our first date. I gotta say, it seems like much longer than that (in a good way!). So much has happened since that night I roamed Yahoo Personals curious to see what I would find. We married almost a year and a half later on June 16, 2007. Now by the time that anniversary arrives this year we will have a baby girl added into the mix. I must say these last three years have been great! I’ve been blown away by what God gave me in a mate. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into this night 3 years ago. But not too long after it seemed apparent that we were made for each other. Honey, I love you! And for those of you who are curious about how that night went 3 years ago, here’s a poem I wrote 2 years ago on the 1-year anniversary of our first date. I really don’t feel like I can say things much better than I did then. Just substitute 3-years in for everywhere it refers to 1-year. Enjoy!

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today I sat down to eat,
At Brann’s Steakhouse and ordered some meat
The woman across the table had only desert
Strange for a first date, but nothing did it hurt

I can remember staring and not knowing what to say
That happens on first dates, but even more so this day
This woman and me had only met about 3 weeks prior
She answered an e-mail I had sent to her to inquire

We met through the Internet and soon were typing up a storm
So much she wanted to know, I just hoped I wouldn’t make her squirm
This way of meeting and relating felt so strange at first
But ever since seeing her picture I developed a thirst

So many good qualities and cuteness she had
The more messages I received, the more my heart became glad
Not a subject seemed missed on her end
So thankful my deep history didn’t make her bend

I waited and waited for this nighttime occasion.
Didn’t want to rush into it, but she was out exploring the nation.
I walked up her walkway, approached the door
As she opened it, her beauty made me think ‘score!’

We hopped in my car
Didn’t have to go very far
While at the restaurant,
Both of us cautious not to daunt

I am not sure either of us knew quite how things were going
As I dropped her back at home, not too much emotion either of us were showing
I personally wasn’t satisfied and hoped to see her again
I had to move fast for in five days she’d be on a plane to Arizona from Michigan

The Lord blessed me with yet another night
Valentine’s Day was 4 days in sight
I quickly mustered up a plan and found some great gifts
Thankful she let me come over after my work shift
This night was much better; the nerves seemed to be down
By nights end in her I saw a princess in crown

Hence is the story of how two lovebirds met
Now a year later and I’ve been snatched in her net
Oh the joys of uniting with your one true love
Lord I am so amazed by your plans from above!